6 Simple Christmas Dorm Decors

Can you believe it’s just 25 days ‘till Christmas? It’s the most magical time of the year. However, when you’re a college student, it’s super easy to let that holiday cheer fade away as finals knock on your door. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to bring joy to your dorm, without compromising on your academics or your wallet.  And btw, DIY-ing some of the Christmas dorm decors can truly have a calming effect on everyone’s  stressed and anxious minds. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab your roomies and bid your spooky skeletons goodbye. Blast (before quiet hours, of course) that Spotify Christmas playlist and say hello to all things jolly and merry.  Scroll to see 6 fabulous and cheap Christmas dorm decor ideas that will bring a little holiday magic to your dorm. 

Idea 1: Make Paper Snowflakes


Channel your elementary school craftsmanship and get to work. All you need are some standard A4 printing paper, or patterned paper from the dollar store and a pair of scissors . Voila, you will have created the cutest winter vibe in your room or the lounge.

Idea 2: Light up your Hallway

For this, you’ll need to invest in multiple fairy lights which you can easily get from your nearby dollar store, or Amazon for as little as $2/ string . However, getting your roommates to join in on buying and decorating, can easily be a way to bond with them and hey, each of them gets to take away strings of fairy lights. Win-win, right? 

Idea 3: Decorate your Essentials 

Want to turn your RAs’ heads every time they do rounds of your dorms? Well this is your big idea. This easy and fun Christmas dorm decor idea needs some colorful construction papers and double sided tape or even a stick glue to work its magic. Give your refrigerator or toilet seat a complete holiday makeover and turn them into a snowman or a reindeer and watch your RAs crack up. 

Idea 4: Make a Rein-Beer sleigh 

This one needs a little bit of precaution: Make sure everyone in the household is of drinking age, and when that’s done, pick up a cardboard box, either from your local grocery store or LCBO, get some beer cans (or any non-alcoholic beverage would suffice), some strings, a set of googly eyes and get ready to sleigh your holiday decor game. 

Idea 5: Decorate your Mirror 

Want to start your mornings with a little laughter? Then, all you have to do is get a little creative and crafty. For this simple idea,  you will need is red, white and brown construction paper, dry erase markers and/ or lipstick and of course, stick glue. 

Idea 6: Play Door Dress-Up 

Even though the craze of binging spooky shows like Squid Games is long gone, I can never look at traditional gift boxes the same way ever again.  If you too don’t want your door to look like a Christmas Present Box AKA the infamous coffins from the Squid Game, this idea is for you. Get some monochrome wrapping paper, green tinsel, ornaments and maybe some extra led strings from your hallway decoration  and you have yourself a cute, 3D Christmas themed door. 

If living in college dorms teaches you one thing, it is how to manage – Be it managing your academics and social life, managing how to share spaces with people who are initially mostly strangers and let’s not forget your lack of money. In the midst of infinite parties, holiday glam-ups and crazy door-buster sales, it’s easy to lose track of your spendings and forget that your money is finite. But that doesn’t mean you give up living your college life. 

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Nothing tugs on the heartstrings quite like the holidays, especially when you’re living in a dorm and away from your family and comfort zone. Sometimes it’s not just the people, it’s also the place that matters, and there is no better time like today to glam up your dorm with some Christmas decorations. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, y’all.