Ryerson DMZ Incubator announcement

We are pleased to announce our upcoming partnership with the Ryerson DMZ incubator. We can’t wait to collaborate with the brilliant folks working there and being exposed to other amazing companies growing in tech.    

Debt 202: In depth debt

So you are a debt connoisseur, let’s get deeper into it…   You have the basics down, let’s talk about the different types of debt you can go into while funding your education. Yup, yeah you heard us right, there are different types of debt. In fact, there are actually… Read More »Debt 202: In depth debt

LiONS LAIR finalist announcement

We are excited to announce that payd app is a finalist in this year’s LiONS LAIR presented by Innovation Factory, in collaboration with the City of Hamilton’s Economic Development Office. Follow along on social media here.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Is there a cost for using Payd? Answer: There is no upfront fee for Students to use Payd, however in lieu of a monthly fee, we keep 20% of the cashback you earn in a given month, up to $3. For supporters, Payd costs $3 per month and is… Read More »Frequently Asked Questions