The payd platform

payd is just a piggy bank. An advanced piggy bank that can be used to pay off your student debt. But, the real magic is how your money gets in there. Once you sign up for payd, there are four ways we help save your money.

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Every time you buy something, we round your transaction to the nearest set amount and put that spare change away. 

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Use one of payd’s exclusive offers at businesses around your school and part of your purchase will help pay off your student debt.


Your supporters can create payd accounts and use their round-up, cashback and investment earnings to help pay off your debt.

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Our investment tools allow you to make money off your money while you study.

See an example of how different types of contributions can get you closer to paying off your loan.

Safety first

payd is committed to protecting your account with the highest standards of security available.

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Want to start saving?

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