Expand Your Community

We all know that is a school is not defined by its students alone. The greater community around those students is what makes your institution truly special. By specifically designing features for everyone, they will be more connected to your school than ever before.

Exceed Everyone’s Expectations

Through streamlining campus operations with your ID application, your institution will be able to provide convenience and flexibility to everyone. Elevating and exceeding their college experience and expectations.


Students are becoming more advanced, it’s time for their student card to do the same. With the payd student card platform, you can modernize and simplify the entire school experience.


Stay connected with your Alumni network like never before. By automatically transferring into an Alumni app, users will have access to lifelong benefits that come with being an alum.


Engaging with your faculty is crucial to an enhanced schooling experience. The application provides your facility with a digitized ID and all of the great saving features that payd has to offer.


Your student supporters can also stay connected with their student and your school. We’ve created a convenient and comfortable way for them to provide short and long-term financial support.

Want to build your community?

Looking to connect with a payd representative about a Live Demo? You’ve come to the right place. Help us tailor our demo to you, by filling in this short form and our Product Specialist will reach out to you as soon as possible.