Payd joins the MaRS Start-up Ecosystem

Payd, a student-focused agnostic student card application joins to become a MaRS Venture Services-Supported Company to tackle the 4-Trillion Dollar Global Student Debt Crisis. 

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA, May 11, 2022: Payd has taken one giant leap by joining the MaRS Start-up Community, which supports some of Canada’s promising high-growth Tech companies. 

MaRS supports science and tech ventures dedicated to tackling key societal challenges in areas such as Health, Cleantech, Finance, Transportation, AI, and others. In addition to providing leading tech entrepreneurs with the tools needed to build, launch, and scale highly impactful startups, the MaRS community encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration, driving breakthrough discoveries to positively impact the Canadian Economy. 

As a MaRS Venture Services-Supported company, Payd will be able to utilize MaRS’ rich network of experts, their connections to talent, along with accessing capital to positively impact the student community. 

MaRS supports ventures that tackle big problems with their innovative tech solutions and improve the well-being of others – which forms the crux of Payd’s foundation. 

As North America’s largest urban innovation hub, MaRS will connect Payd to a range of resources and opportunities. Each of which will help Payd successfully establish partnerships with 3-5 pilot schools and launch the all-in-one integrated student cards for the North American market. With MaRS’ support, Payd will be able to connect with potential funding opportunities and be one step closer to crushing the global student debt crisis.

Highlighting the significance of becoming a MaRS-supported company, the CEO and Founder of Payd Jonathan Hillis noted, “Student debt is a global crisis. We know that it’s the catalyst to most problems students face – depression, stress, anxiety, the list goes on. By becoming Canada’s first educational savings tool, we will lead the charge in helping millions of students. By joining the MaRS venture community, we take a huge step towards achieving this goal. With our aligned vision of using technology to solve real problems for real people, MaRS seemed like a perfect choice for us. I’m thrilled to have them join our journey to revolutionize the post-secondary landscape by tackling the global student debt issue.”

About Payd Inc

The Payd student card application is an all-in-one student card solution that creates and hosts a digital experience that enhances the school’s various touch-points with students. By integrating these services with our smart-savings technologies, students will be able to save and pay for school while they’re in it. Finally, the institutions will be able to provide education and help pay for it.