Don’t Just Provide an Education, Help Pay For It

While it’s important to support students in their academic journey, it’s crucial to acknowledge the financial barriers that prevent degree completion and burden them post-graduation.

Set It and Forget It

Payd connects the user’s payment card to their ID so they can easily save for or pay off their education. Once linked, the user doesn’t have to do anything, we’ll work to save their money while they live their best life.

Round Up

Purchases are rounded up to a pre-determined amount and the spare change is put towards debt payment.


Users can spend with on or off-campus partners and will receive the specified amount of cash-backs.

Loyalty Rewards

Users can convert the various loyalty points that they’ve been collecting into real money to pay off loans.


Users can connect their ID cards can to Questrade’s investment platform – making money off their money.


With a secure invite link provided by the student, their supporters have access to all the same smart-saving tools. All their funds can be put towards the debt payment.

Safety First

We understand your institution’s need for risk mitigation. That’s why our systems are built to not store any of our own data. Instead, we establish secure connections with your school’s current systems. Plus, whatever data we do accumulate is permanently deleted once it is validated.

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