Freaking Out About Paying Off Student Debt?

The payd app is here to help.

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Student Debt Sucks

School. You go away for a few years, work hard, party harder, then graduate with some life-long friends. But like the majority of Canadians, you’ll likely also graduate with student debt.

No Financial Freedom

Unless you’re an “influencer,” your goals of living the lifestyle you want will be harder to achieve. 

More Borrowing

High-interest, credit cards, loans, financing. It’s all just free money, right? Wrong. The more debt you accumulate, the harder it will be to pay off and improve your credit score. 

Unplanned Career

You’ll take any job to pay for the education that was supposed to get you the perfect job.

With the payd app, you can avoid these problems

The payd app was designed to help you save for college, pay off your student loan debt, and live your best life all at the same time. The only thing you’ll owe us is a beer.

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